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Needham Northup III was born in 1808, in New York, the son of Needham Northup II Needham III married Maranda M.(Mary) Rounds (b. 1810, d. 1890) on Mar 28, 1829/1830 in Yates County, New York and had twelve children. Maranda Rounds was the daughter of Horton and Araminta (Towsley) Rounds. Needham died in about 1890 in Kent County, Michigan.

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Needham III and Maranda (Rounds) Northup Family

Children of Needham III and Maranda Northup

D. April 28, 1934
Calvin C. Northup B. 14 October 1830 M. Emily E. Furman Oct 9, 1856
Oliver L. Northup B. 29 Feb, 1832 M. 1) Rachel J. ?? Mar 31, 1851
2.) Sarah C, Waters (b. 1831, Vt; d. 1894; Kent Co, Mi) M. abt 1856
D. 10 Feb 1888, Kent Co, Michigan
Betsy Northup B. 27 March, 1833 M. Jacob Smith Jan 3, 1853
Mary M. Northup B. June 24, 1834 M. Syrus B. Quick Feb 11, 1855
Emma S. (Lezze) Northup B. 21 Feb 1836 M. Daniel Lewis Dec 31, 1854
Charlotte S. (Lottie) Northup B. 15 February 1838 M. Charles R. Lee; Nov 8, 1864; Steuben County, N.Y. D. 1936; Steuben County, N.Y.
Varnum J. Northup B. 4 Mar.1840 Italy, Yates Co. NY M. Married Irene Davis 31 Aug. 1861 Penn Yan, Yates Co. NY. D. 1864 in Civil War (possibly in prison)
Sarah A. Northup B. April 30, 1842 D. 1846
Dianna N. Northup B. April 14, 1845 M. Valney Van Loon; June 23, 1867
Amelia (Artemisia) Northup B. 16 April, 1849 M. William McGrady; 1868 (d. 07-16-1922) D. 9 October, 1922; Kent County, Michigan
Levi (Lee) Northup B. Jan.11, 1853 M. Elizabeth (Lib) Northup D. Feb.25,1947; 94 yrs old
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